Technical English: Vocabulary and Grammar por Nick Brieger, Alison Pohl

Technical English: Vocabulary and Grammar por Nick Brieger, Alison Pohl

Titulo del libro: Technical English: Vocabulary and Grammar

Autor: Nick Brieger, Alison Pohl

ISBN: 1902741765

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Nick Brieger, Alison Pohl con Technical English: Vocabulary and Grammar

"Technical English, Vocabulary and Grammar" aims to help you increase your knowledge of technical English and develop your vocabulary and grammar. By working through the materials you should become more accurate and more appropriate in a range of key technical contexts. The book can be used on your own (self-access) or in class (as part of a course). A reference and practice book for learners of technical English at intermediate level and above, it includes: 30 units covering key technical vocabulary drawn from professional activities; company profiles - automotive, pharmaceutical, mining and telecoms; 20 units reviewing core grammar in technical contexts; and a 1500 key technical terms glossary.

"Technical English stands out as a model for how these complex, multi-content, essential learning tools can be put together. The typography is clear and tidy, the colour tints are carefully chosen and the whole book shows exemplary attention to detail. Beyond pre-press, the materials are of high quality and the repro and presswork of a similar, high standard. As a supplementary book, Technical English is user-friendly with clear indexing. Relevant and clear illustrations along with an authentic final task in every unit ensure this book is set apart from your average workbook...sits well on your resource shelf." - English Teaching Professional

"This is a technical English book with a difference. Instead of trying to teach the technical it concentrates on the language of the technical. It aims to develop the vocabulary and grammar required to communicate technical English from intermediate level. The layout is simple. Each unit is a double page spread with the language clearly presented on the left-hand page and the exercise on the right...It is useful as a practice book and as a reference work, for both self study and classroom use." - English Teaching Matters

"Defining exactly what technical English consists of is no easy matter, making this a welcome attempt to provide useful support material. Used judiciously, it should prove of great benefit." - EL Gazette

..".attractively presented and informative book...many visual supports, including drawings and cut-outs from trade newspapers. Chapters 30 to 49 introduce new language elements, such as passive structures and relevant prepositions. These chapters, too, are a pleasure to work with." - Business Spotlight

Nick Brieger is one of the five directors of York Associates. After a first degree in law and an M.A. in Applied Linguistics, his early career included language training and teacher training, mainly throughout Europe. Working as a university lecturer in Czechoslovakia in the early 70's, he recognised the importance of English as a common language to forge international contacts and better understanding. In the 80's, he continued to develop links with the countries of Eastern Europe, especially Poland, Hungary, Russia, Ukraine and Georgia, where he worked with teachers and trainers on developing communication skills programmes for managers. In the 90's, the accelerated demand for English as a Global Language took him to Asia, where he helped spread the word about the need to develop English language competence amongst those interested in pursuing international careers. In recent years, he has worked closely with a range of major international organisations in both the public and private sectors on communication and intercultural training programmes. In addition to his training activities, he is the author of more than 20 books in the field of language, communication and culture. His most recent titles have been in the areas of Technical English, Legal English and Business English testing.