Courreges (Memoire) por Valerie Guillaume

Courreges (Memoire) por Valerie Guillaume

Titulo del libro: Courreges (Memoire)

Autor: Valerie Guillaume

Número de páginas: 79 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: November 25, 2004

ISBN: 2843236266

Editor: Assouline Publishing

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Valerie Guillaume con Courreges (Memoire)

HardCover. Pub Date: 2004 Pages: 80 in Publisher: Assouline It is On the sixties. the utopian decade. Andre. Courreges beats with the rhythm of a modern and dynamic youth of Haute Couture for the people: Creating is imagining forms Andre. Courreges was the first to offer mini clothing that fit like a second skin. which was the basis of a new wardrobe. White and transparent. infinite and and spiritual - this is the art of Courreges. He created a new silhouette and his style is not only recognizable but remains a lasting reference in fashion history. 60 illustrations